I know times are tight, but who is willing to go to this extreme?  A Utah man has offered himself up as prey for hunters.  You can actually pay $10,000 to hunt him.

Mork (nanu nanu) Encino says he will pay you $10k to hunt him down.  And apparently he's not an easy target, stating on his website, "I’m faster than a wild turkey, smart as any GODDAMN wild boar and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the monetary health of my family."  Wow, smarter than a wild boar, huh?  I guess you'll need to be smarter than the average bear to catch him then.

If I am trapped and killed you stand to earn the RESPECT of your fellow hunters, a PRIZE HUMAN MOUNT for your wall and ALL INCOME from any organ harvest. For this I ask the reasonable sum of $10,000 US DOLLARS per hunter/per round.

I will be armed only with my wits and the clothes on my back (naked is + $2,000 US/ per hunter per round).

A round is a days (24 hrs) hunt. Now, IF a hunter falls in one of his OWN booby traps or fires at another hunter they are IMMEDIATELY DISQUALIFIED and I WIN the $$.

I will not attempt self-defense. I will only seek to evade capture. In the event of my demise ALL payment will default to my family.

Property is remote & secure. ATV friendly, smokehouse and grill ON SITE.

Contact me at huntme4sport@gmail.com


Now more than likely, (and hopefully), this is just a tactic to get noticed by outdoor companies in hopes of landing some new job, but if not, wow...