LinkedIn thinks it would be a good idea for our parents to come to work with us one day in November, because most of the time Mom and Dad don't have a clue what their sons and daughters do for a living.

LinkedIn has introduced "Take a Parent to Work Day."  Is this a good idea?

My parents have been to the radio station before, and quite frankly, it made me nervous for my Dad to be staring at me while I walked about Steven Tyler's tight leather pants on the air.  There are some moments that a girl just needs to experience privately, or in this case with thousands of close listener friends.  Ears are great!  The eyes of my parents, not so much.

Would you take your parent to work?

There might be some advantages.  Not the least of which being, it might be a good excuse to goof off a little, and not actually work much.  There may be other parent friends are around and you may be able to talk golf all day.  For that matter, maybe dad can schmooze with your boss all day and get some brownie points for you.  LinkedIn says you can even bring Grandpa to the job site with you.

Bring in Your Parents Day is set for Thursday, November 7th.

Mom's Diner in Lufkin might receive some new meaning that day.  Think we'll see Dad helping wait tables at Cafe del Rio?  Perhaps.  If you work in construction and you need someone to help you lift a hammer, it might be the perfect day to invite Dad along. Perhaps bringing parents to the office has it's advantages after all.