I've seen them on a winding two lane highway with my mind racing in nano seconds, so as to avoid a direct hit, while they stand their ground as if it's some territorial rite of passage.

One moment they are grazing at the road's embankment, and then with the stealth of a roadrunner, but clumsy first step, much like a newborn elephant trying to stand after birth, they make that daring dart across the street in a game of "Russian Roulette".

Somehow, on June 16, poor Bambi ended up on the race track at Summit Point Motorsports Park in West Virginia.  The Corvette was going way too fast, and the deer was way to close to the impact zone to avoid a collision.  Thankfully, the driver was not hurt.

The video below displays semi-graphic footage, so kindly consider this your obligatory WARNING to turn the other cheek before you hit (pardon the pun) "play".