In a new twist to the fertilizer explosion in West, Texas last month, a fired Emergency Services worker named Bryce Reed says he had no involvement in the industrial "accident".

On April 20, three days after the indescribable events that changed this tiny Texas town forever, Reed stood in front of a crowded room wearing a shirt emblazoned with "West EMS", perched himself on top of a table inside a local hotel assisting displaced families, and shouted "you're safe where you're at".  This allegedly regarding the noxious fumes still rising amidst the remaining rubble at the plant site.

Reed was charged last Friday with having bomb making materials in his possession, nine days after the plant explosion on April 17, 2013.  He allegedly gave those materials to another person on April 26.

Not helping Reed is the fact that on the day he addressed "the crowd", after he got a standing ovation for his words, some are wondering why a volunteer paramedic would be the official spokesperson without being summoned - in a city drenched with Federal and State investigators.

I think the answer could be in his previous title - volunteer.  I mean, isn't that what volunteers do?