So there I was, on February 6, 1978, having my picture taken for a special page in the high school annual.  On the Yearbook staff, as a journalism student for three years, I really, really believed, that standing on the same elite pedestal as the jocks, was about to be a wish come true.  If only the movie  "Can't Buy Me Love" was made ten years earlier, I would have known what impossible task I was up against, in trying to get a date for my Senior Prom!

March 8th:  Finally... got enough nerve to ask Shellee Snedigar after following her to each class.  Eight hours I labored.  It only took her 6 seconds to "roll her eyes" in disgust.  Strike one!

March 23rd:  Dawn Anderson was my lab partner in Biology and Chemistry.  We both hated the frog dissection assignment, we both sat together in the visiting bleachers during home games; WE were connected  --  like a proton and neutron!  She also said..."no, you may expect something else from me".  She was right.  Strike two!

April 11th:  I helped Lori Gastenau pass History with a grade of D+, and as a return favor, she asked me to be her date at the Sadie Hawkins dance.  Once we arrived,  she "two-stepped" all night  --  with all the other guys  --  while I maintained a vigil at the punch bowl licking my wounds.  Hard to believe I still asked her to the prom, huh?  She broke out into so much laughter, people wanted to know what the joke was about.  Strike three!

Between April12th and May19th, I struck out another dozen times!  I always admired Gayne whom I worked with at Der Wienerschnitzel ( a fast food hot dog joint at the time).  I mean we climbed the ladder together, being hired and promoted only days apart.  A real dynamo, she went from drinks to fries to cashier to shift manager in four days.  I was her assistant on day five!  And on May 29th...less than one month from the big day, she said...YES!

By the way, if you attended high school in East Texas, you may want to check out these links to the Lufkin and Nacogdoches Alumni Association regarding upcoming class reunion schedules.