Growing up somewhere between BTO and Cyndi Lauper, using the word "Dork" was considered offensive in the prehistoric age.  I recall getting a "swat" from the principal in '75 for calling Steve Cossis (who was my best friend in high school) a "Dork".

It's not like he didn't get even with me.  Well before UFC, there was BUYB (not to be confused with "BYOB"), "Beat Up Your Buddy". Well, not really.  More like two friends throwing "air" punches in front of a crowd to look tough.

"Be a Dork Day" is always celebrated on July 15 (Sunday), and other than my adolescent name calling during puberty, click here to find out the meaning of "Dork" constitutionality, and how to celebrate accordingly.

Rember, it's "Be a Dork Day", not "Be a Geek Day":