By now, you've figured out that we're doing a "Grand In Your Hand" giveaway here at Q107. That's right, just by listening for a code word and entering that code word at, you could win a thousand dollars. I know that I can't enter to win, but it still made me start thinking about what I would do if I won that money. Keep in mind, these things below are just a few "starter ideas".


  • 1

    A New TV

    I'm thinking big. I want at least 60", 4K, UHD, all of the things that are synonymous with AWESOME.

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  • 2

    A New Sound System

    I want it loud. The louder the better. I want all the different inputs, a mixing-board, and all the bells and whistles I can get.


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  • 3

    Yeti Merchandise

    Yes. So much yes. I want the hard-side cooler, the soft-side cooler, all the different size tumblers, the bottle opener, the caps, whatever kind of merch I can get my hands on.