Thursday was a big night for SFA's Hunter Dozier, surprising many by going number 8 overall in the MLB First Year Player Draft to the Kansas City Royals.  Now what?

As we blogged Thursday night, Dozier is not only one of the best baseball players in the Southland Conference, he’s one of the best baseball players in the country.  He became the highest drafted SFA player in history when the Royals picked him.  Our own Danny Merrell reminded us he batted .396 on the year, while driving in 52 and hitting 17 homers.  Some experts had Dozier pegged as a top 35 pick, but going number 8 overall is huge, unexpected, and exciting.

The next step for Dozier will be actually signing with the club, and that process can take several weeks.  But there are reports that the Royals are going to be aggressive about signing their picks, and they'll make that process a priority so they can get them on the field quickly.  So maybe it won't be all that long before we see Dozier in a Royals uniform.

It can take a few years for a new draft pick to make it to the majors, so Dozier will likely start out in the Royals' minor league system, meaning he'll be playing in Omaha for awhile.  We will be watching!

Good luck, and congrats Hunter!  You've already made us proud.