Have you driven on Timberland Drive lately?  Don't mean to be sour grapes, because re-paving of the road will be a nice gesture to my tires, but in the meantime, the loose rocks for over three miles is tearing up the under carriage of my lime green 1974 Pinto, not to mention the pebbles being unleashed at ramming speed by other motorists -- all in point-blank range of my windshield!

Timberland Drive's pseudo name is "Business Route US-59", so I believe the project follows the jurisdiction of County government (will someone help me clarify this, otherwise I won't be able to sleep tonight).  Guess it's curiosity on my part, why such an enormous undertaking can't be done in sections, to spare us from driving through a gravel pit.  Until completed, I have no choice (because I drive the Pinto), but to add an extra 8.47 round-trip miles each day to the 350,000+ already clocked on the odometer.

I leave work at 3 p.m.  If you see me stranded, after you stop laughing uncontrollably at my car, kindly give me a push to the side of the road.  Thanks, in advance.