This may not be big news in New Hampshire, Minnesota, or Alaska, but here in Texas, where meat rules, the price of hamburgers may be rising to the point where you'll need to charge admission to your next BBQ.

Soon to follow is expected to be a worldwide shortage of pork products, as the United Kingdom's National Pig Association (NPA) announced an "unavoidable" shortage in 2013.

What's causing the problem?  The worst U.S. drought in 50 years for starters.  Adding to the conflict is a report that a global failure of maize and soya harvests have contributed to over-the-top pig costs.

Don't mean to make light of this story, but as a "Sausage and Biscuit" fan, what substitute will be served between the bread?

Will "Outback" change its last name?

"A-1" chicken sauce?

Jimmy Dean "biscuits and biscuits"?

We just lost two animals in the "Old McDonald's Got a Farm" song, which will now be sung without "a moo-moo here, a moo-moo there, here a moo, there a moo, everywhere a moo-moo; and oink-oink here, an oink-oink there, here an oink, their an oink, everywhere an oink-oink".

There is only one way to sum up this story: