He is an attorney and consultant based in Ft. Worth, with an eye to become the next Texas Land Commissioner, but it's his name that carries all the weight.

George P. Bush, the "P' stands for Prescott, filed the necessary documents to head up a relatively obscure post, but one that may be the beginning of a political career that carries on the family dynasty.

He's already getting decent air play among constituents, pushing him towards the 2016 Presidency?  If you have ever been to the "track", you are well aware that long-shots do occasionally pop for a big payday.  Of course, that's assuming with our current leadership, that the world doesn't disintegrate before another election cycle.

The family tree is as follows:
George H.W. Bush's grandson
George W. Bush's nephew
Jeb Bush's (Florida governor?) son
Bush has a video promoting his campaign that you can probably find on You Tube somewhere, and in it, he is quoted as saying "Texas is an exceptional state because we as Texans are exceptional."
There are some people that may say Bush is an opportunist at best, seeking to fill an "easy" vacancy, without any real interest in one particular brand of office, just to buy enough time to climb the ladder of power.
For the record, David Dewhurst was Land Commissioner prior to getting the gig as Lieutenant Governor.