It's been no secret that Axl Rose and Slash haven't been too chummy over the years. But if Guns N Roses would be inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, they'd probably need to perform together at the induction ceremony. Would it happen? We suppose that depends on who you ask.

Slash talked about the possibility with

The final class will be announced in December, with the official induction ceremony in the spring. Heart and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts are also in the final class of nominees.

About a potential performance at next year's Rock N Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, Slash says, "Of course, you have those thoughts of how it might work in case it does happen, but with Guns N' Roses, there's really no guessing exactly how it will go. I suppose if it happens, everybody will get some sort of ducks in order."

We'll look forward to those ducks all lined up. No word yet on Axl's thoughts, and something tells us they're coming. He's not one to hold back and stay silent!

Meanwhile, Slash plans to release another solo record next April, right after the Hall of Fame induction.