In a statement released Wednesday, it appears the official word is...

maybe.   Just a few weeks ago Keith Richards seemed to point us all in that direction, but the band released a statement Wednesday saying they "have no firm plans to tour at this time."  This comes on the heels of a dispute between Live Nation and the company's ex-chairman, Micahel Cohl, over who has the rights to promote the band's alleged 50th anniversary world tour.   As reported earlier by ABC News, verbiage in the lawsuit seemed to indicate the Stones would hit the road this year.

The statement acknowledged that dispute, saying, "The Rolling Stones became free from any contractual arrangements or agreements with Michael Cohl.  He is neither their representative nor their tour promoter."  The statement says the Stones split from Cohl after their 2007 A Bigger Bang tour.

In other words, we'll wait and see!