Today, being Election Day, finds it fitting that I hammer away on the standard by which the President is elected to office via the Electoral College.

There are those historians suggesting that the Electoral College is the "democratic" way to preserve the integrity of the White House recipient.  After all, this format of process was adopted by our "Founding Fathers".

Now, I only got high "D" marks in History class, but when Homer Abernathy was voted Senior Class President, he was elected on the Popular vote, not some feeble territorial infrastructure that defies logical recognition.

Without sounding like a professor of government, here's the difference between results being tallied by the Electoral College versus the Popular vote.

In the Popular vote scenario, in Texas for example, let's say one million people cast ballots, and "Romney" gets one million votes to zero votes for "Obama".  "Romney" doesn't have a one million vote lead, he simply claims the number of electorates assigned to the state of Texas, which is 38 votes.  A far cry from one million, huh?  The first one to 270, WINS!

The strategists of both parties running for President say that Ohio is the key battleground state that will ultimately decide today's election.  The "Buckeye" state boasts some eleven million residents.  For the sake of argument, let's say that more than half of the states registered voters are Democrat, and approximately 60% go to the polls.

Do you see why this train derails?  If Ohio is the deciding factoid, then why are the rest of us exercising our right to express our opinion today?  Imagine this, in the "land of the free, and home of the brave", one state out of fifty decides it all.  That's like skipping the first three quarters of a football game, under the assumption that the score will be tied after 45 minutes, so playing the final 15 minutes is all that really counts!

It should be noted that John Quincy Adams, Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, and George "W", all lost the Popular vote, but won the presidency by nailing the numbers in the Electoral College.

What an extraordinary event we put on public display every four years.  Think about it, Homer Abernathy could get 28 million votes and I could get 22 million votes.  Homer gave me a beat down in 35 states to my lowly support of the other 15.  But, because the 15 states I carried got me to 270 Electoral College votes, I win.  All this despite Homer wiping me out with the Popular vote!

Personally, I'm not a fan of the present system.  Have never come to grips either with accepting the American League designated hitter rule since its 1973 inception.

I liked Homer Abernathy as Senior Class President.  The senior class elected him into office because he received the most votes.  So, what's wrong with that?

Watch this video, especially the classroom scene, where even the "little ones" know fuzzy math when they see it: