If you have ever seen the movie "A Few Good Men" starring Tom Cruise, especially the scene where he spews the phrase "...the gallactically stupid..." (by the way, is "gallactically" a real word?), then when you get through reading this, you will come to realize what I'm talking about.

Enter North Carolina postal employee Cathy Cashwell.  Trying to Cash in on that well known game show "The Price Is Right", who incidentally has not had a good host since Bob Barker retired.

Watching her spin the "wheel of Cash" not once, but twice, giving her body a valiant workout in hopes of coming closest to $1 without going over (this gets you to the "showcase showdown"), you can't help but to root her on.

But wait a-a-a-a minute.  Hold everything.  Cashwell is no ordinary player plucked from the audience to "come on down".  At the time of the show's taping, she just didn't call off ill to her job, and get caught taking an inappropriate "sick day".  Nope.  She spun that wheel while out of work on a Worker's Comp claim!  BUSTED!!

In her 2009 claim, Cashwell said an on-the-job injury prohibited her from lifting mail trays, but after the brass viewed her lifting her arms above her head on the famous game show, they immediately filed fraud charges.  For now, she's out of show business and the mail business, because she had no business in the scam artist business.

I do hope she at least won a prize.  Cashwell pleaded guilty (duh!), and is scheduled to be sentenced in September.