Women have known this for a long time, but now research proves it.  Shopping can make a person feel better!

Women are known for engaging in a little retail therapy to improve mood, but guys do it too.  Women and men just buy drastically different items when they're feeling blue.

A new survey by Ebates.com shows 51.8 percent of Americans shop and spend money to improve their mood, and more than half do that shopping online.

Women are the mostly likely to spend money after a bad day, and clothing is the most popular thing to buy.   That's followed by food, shoes, accessories and books/magazines.

Guys buy food first!  We think that might be chicken wings or nachos at the sports bar during an afternoon out with the guys, but we can't be sure.  After the grub, guys buy electronics, music/movies, clothes and games/toys.  A new flat screen TV cheers a fella right up.

It's the weekend, the weather is nice, AND the IRS usually sends out the tax refunds on Fridays.  Maybe you got yours and your pockets are loaded with extra cash.  Time to head to the Lufkin Mall or a sports bar, and improve your mood even more!  Have a great weekend.