If you're like me, you love a good coupon. Saving money equals happiness and brings with it a rewarding sense of accomplishment!

But finding a good deal sometimes comes with a cost. Researchers in Seattle have come up with a new study that says shopping at the cheaper grocery stores may mean we're obese. What?! Please explain.

Researchers from the University of Washington in Seattle say people who regularly shop in stores where food is discounted will have a greater tendency to become obese than shoppers who buy at more high-end grocery stores.

About 27 percent of those who shopped at markets with the lowest prices were obese while only 9 percent who went to the higher-priced stores were severely overweight.

Ummm...don't all grocery stores have a produce section? Isn't it a matter of choosing the apples and bananas over the bean burritos?

Skinny people unite! Let's keep saving money at the cheaper stores, enjoy the good deals and the yogurt, and change the statistics.

Happy shopping!