Conor McGregor seems like a troubled guy, and our little town could do a lot to humble him. If Lufkin doesn't take his soul, it will at least slow him down.

Here are 4 reasons I think Conor McGregor needs to move to Lufkin Texas;

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    We Would Fatten Him Up

    Lufkin has plenty of great gyms and fitness centers, but we don't really have any fighting arenas besides the occasional barnyard brawl.

    He'd either have to take out all that craziness at FITTLIFE or Zumba, or he can get like the rest of us and embrace the power of the almighty donut!

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    We Don't Tolerate Nonsense

    Let's face it. There have been times when you wanted to do something crazy in the middle of town, but you remembered we're in East Texas, and somebody might pull a gun on ya.

    Even without the fear of firearms, we'd most definitely teach him some manners. Let him learn what real sass is all about.

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    Laying Low

    If there's one secret benefit to living in "deep" East Texas, it's the feeling of anonymity behind the Pineywood veil.

    He doesn't have to worry about running into his old high school crush at Walmart in the middle of the night, so if he needs a place to lay low ... Lufkin is the place for him.

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    Economy Boost

    Okay, this is the real reason it would be cool for that angry man to move to our town. All the money he's secured could circulate into our local shops, and there's nothing wrong with that.

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