If you're like me - and like the vast majority of other Americans - you only get a set amount of vacation time each year. And, if you're also like me, you don't want to use up all that vacation at once. So, what I generally do, is take several smaller trips throughout the year, usually on extended weekends.

So, for example, I'll work Thursday, drive to a chosen destination, stay there Thursday night through Monday morning. At that point, I'd drive back on Monday, and be ready for work on Tuesday.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in trying, or perhaps it's something that you already do, then keep reading, because I've compiled a list of locations that are worth considering for weekend getaways. And yes, I realize that I didn't put Houston or Dallas on this list. Nothing against either city, but these are ideas BEYOND those two.

*Travel times to destinations start in Nacogdoches*

  • Rockport, TX
    Rockport, TX

    Rockport, TX - 5 Hours, 9 Minutes

    I'm not sure how the rebuilding effort is going, considering that Hurricane Harvey devastated most of the town last year when the eye of the storm passed directly over it. However, if/when the rebuilding is done, this little town on the Gulf is well worth the drive. Awesome ocean-front views, good local cuisine, and lots of activities for tourists.

  • 2

    San Antonio, TX - 5 Hours, 5 Minutes

    Always a personal favorite of mine. There's so much to do in and around San Antonio, and it's worth the drive. Get a hotel as close to the Riverwalk as possible, park your car Thursday evening, and don't move it until you leave on Monday. There's enough to do within walking distance, you won't need your personal vehicle.

  • 3

    New Orleans, LA - 5 Hours, 56 Minutes

    This one is just a bit longer than the previous destinations, but still worth the travel. Live music, fantastic food, lots of history in and around the city itself, and well worth consideration for a weekend getaway.

  • 4

    Johnson City, TX - 4 Hours, 48 Minutes

    This is a personal favorite of mine. This is right in the middle of Hill Country, and it's less than five hours away. The view around this town is enough to make it worth the drive. Float the Pedernales River, take in some of the wine tours, and if you need a bigger city scene, Austin is a short drive from there.

  • 5

    Hot Springs, AR - 4 Hours, 22 Minutes

    Whether you want to check out bath house row for a massage, or even just a tour, or if you want to check out the amusement park, Magic Springs, this is a road trip that won't disappoint.

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