I was born and raised right here behind the "Pine Curtain". I graduated from a 1-A high school, then went on to get a degree from Stephen F. Austin State University. I now work a mere hour away from my original stomping grounds. I've seen people come and go through here. Over the course of my nearly 23-year-long journey, I've heard a few fallacies that people believe about Deep East Texas.

  • Scott Olson, Getty Images
    Scott Olson, Getty Images

    Everybody Owns A Gun

    or an arsenal

    One of the most common beliefs that I've heard is that everyone who lives here owns a gun. The expectation is that every person who spends there time here has an arsenal of firearms at their disposal. False. While it is true that lots of us here enjoy our deer hunts, time at the firing range, etc., there are tons of east Texas that have never even fired a weapon.

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    There's Nothing To Do In Nacogdoches

    So, we Deep East Texans have all heard this complaint before: "There's nothing to do in Nacogdoches." This is also false. Nacogdoches has a movie theater, bowling alley, zip-line course, dance hall, putt-putt...should I go on? True, it may not have all the things that towns like Tyler or Longview have, but you can't legitimately make the argument that there's NOTHING to do here.

  • Mercury Records
    Mercury Records

    All They Ever Listen To Is Country Music

    While it may be true that, on average, country music is the favorite genre around here, it's certainly not the only preference of music. With stations like Q107 for classic rock, KFox 95.5 for pop, there are more options than JUST country.

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    Getty Images

    Everyone Drives A Pickup Truck

    This is a common misconception for the entire state of Texas, but even more so here in Deep East Texas. While it may be true that there are a higher number of trucks here than elsewhere, there are just as many cars and SUVs on the roads.

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    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    All The Trees Cover Up The Scenery

    This is probably one of my biggest pet peeves. When people say that the trees cover up all the scenery, it's just because they aren't looking. Take the Ruby Mize or Gayla Mize Gardens in Nac, where the azaleas are in among the trees. Or, my personal favorite, the SFA Arboretum, where the pathways wind through the trees and the gardens. And we can't forget about the stars at night. There's millions of them, just adding to the scenery.

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