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Here in Deep East Texas, we're fairly laid back. It takes a bit to get us irritated. It does happen, sure. But, it takes a bit for us to get to the really irritated point. Nacogdoches residents are no exception to this. However, if you don't want them to reach that really irritated point, I'd suggest following the suggestions below...

  • Duncan Walker
    Duncan Walker

    Don't Make Fun Of Texas

    Yes, Nacogdoches people are proud of being in the Lone Star State. Whether they were originally from here, or came here later, they're quite ecstatic to be Texans. Don't insult their Texas pride.

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    Don't Insult SFA

    Stephen F. Austin State University is vital to the city of Nacogdoches. The people love having the college students around, and it seems that the college students enjoy being in Nac. Don't underestimate the bond between the university and the town...

  • Google Maps
    Google Maps

    Don't Drive Slowly On The Loop

    (Roughly) half the loop has a 55-mph speed limit, and the other half has a 65-mph speed limit...There's not really any reason to be going slower than that...

  • MarianVejcik

    Don't Complain About The East Texas Weather

    The weather in Nacogdoches changes quickly. We know that. Sometimes, it annoys us, too. However, complaining to us doesn't change that, and it will annoy us more.

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    Don't Criticize The Flowers, Landscape, Etc.

    Nacogdoches people do take their gardening and landscaping seriously. Likewise, they're all big fans of the public gardens like the Ruby and Gayla Mize Gardens. Criticizing these would not put you on their good side...

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