There are lots of people that claim they would love to live in the oldest town in Texas. After doing a little bit of research, we compiled a list of why you SHOULD NOT move to Nac.

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    Your Wardrobe Will Be Dominated By Purple

    It doesn't matter what your favorite color is, or even which shirt is your favorite. If you move to Nac, you'll start gravitating to an SFA purple preference.

  • SFA Athletic Dept
    SFA Athletic Dept

    You'll Find Yourself At The University Sporting Event (On A Regular Basis)

    Whether your under the Homer Bryce stadium lights for a football game, in the William R. Johnson Coliseum for a basketball game, or out at the soccer field watching the Lady Jacks unveil ANOTHER conference championship banner, you'll find your way out to support SFA (in your newly found purple apparel).

  • via Flickr user fifikins
    via Flickr user fifikins

    Blueberries Just Won't Mean As Much Anywhere Else

    After going to the Blueberry Festival, eating homemade blueberry pancakes, and enjoying all of the blueberry-themed parts of the blueberry festival, eating or being around blueberries just won't mean as much to you.

  • Bruce R. Partain
    Bruce R. Partain

    You'll Get Spoiled To Top-Quality Live Music

    It doesn't matter if you're making your way out to Banita Creek Hall for some Texas Country music to two-step to, or if you're sitting in The Liberty Bell or Maklemore's enjoying an acoustic set from an up-and-coming musician. Either way, you're not going to want to give up the in-person experience and pleasure of good, live music.

  • Sean Ericson Prod
    Sean Ericson Prod

    You Won't Want To Leave

    It's true. Once you've had a taste of Nacogdoches, you won't want to head out to live elsewhere. It will draw you in with it's sincere people, fun events, and unique experiences that you truly can't have ANYWHERE else.

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