It can feel a little strange making a big deal about Mother's Day if you're a single mom because you're the one coming up with the ideas and making a fuss over the day, and it's not really all that much fun to throw your own party.  But single moms, you deserve a good day and there's one big reason why.

You're showing your kids that being a mom is an important job.

It may feel sometimes like they're not paying attention, but we know deep down they're totally watching and latching onto memories that will pop up when they're thirty-five and have their own kids.  And we don't want them remembering that Mama didn't make a big deal out of Mother's Day. said the kids will "probably want to help celebrate Mother's Day with you the same way their friends do with their mothers."  So let's hope the friends are taking their moms to the spa, handing her a jar of Nutella and a spoon, and giving her sixty minutes with no pinching, yelling, or arguments over who is sitting in whose space.

LiveAbout also suggests we tell the kids exactly what we want for Mother's Day.  The spa sounds nice, but what I really want more than anything this Mother's Day is just time.  A block of time that's free of obligations, duties, to-do lists, and free from wondering what I should be doing instead of sitting down.  Go ahead and sit!  I'm planning on taking my girls out to lunch and totally getting into the moment, laughing at their silly "what if" stories that wonder what it would be like if rotten eggs smelled like perfume, or what it would be like if we could all beam ourselves to the Mall of America in a half second.  No phones and no questions asked.  Just roll with it.

If you ask a single mom how she does it, you probably won't get a firm answer because she doesn't really know.  She just gets up every morning and gets it done.  There's work, school, softball and basketball practice, laundry, the grocery list, and sometimes vacuuming if there's any time leftover.  She doesn't really stop to think about how it all happens because that would take up valuable time that could be used to run one more errand.

Whether you're a single mom or not, celebrate you this weekend!  And don't feel bad about it.  Brunch and flowers are the most popular Mother's Day gift ideas, and you deserve that and more.  Happy Mother's Day.


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