I went to the city that has earned the title of The Best Drinking City in America on a couple of spring breaks while I was in college. It's all kind of fuzzy, but I do recall some pretty good cosmos there. See if you agree that this city deserves to be the best for drinks.

The best drinking city isn't necessarily the one with the most drunks and it's not about getting totally plastered. Instead, it's more about having the best places to get those rare scotches and gins, and having an abundance of craft beer at the ready. And as a side effect of that cool social scene, the bars are packed and it's a fun time for all.

Chicago is the big winner, according to GQ Magazine.  The magazine says the rare-bourbon aficionados are there, and new local cocktail lounges are opening up all the time.  I remember Rush and Division streets being big for drinks when I visited, and I spent some time there after walking Michigan Avenue, seeing the Art Institute, and having pizza at Gino's East.  Chicago is just a fun city, and now it's got official alcohol bragging rights to go with the other attractions.

It got me thinking...what's the best place to drink around here? I've had good cocktails at sports bars, country bars, Buffalo Wild Wings, friends' houses when we're all hanging out... What's your fav?  And have a great weekend!

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