I know that we didn't do a post about the Nacogdoches Police Department's Sposored Pet of the Week last week...I apologize for that...but this week, we've got you covered! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, here's the rundown:

Every week, one of the officers - usually Sergeant Brett Ayres - goes out to the Humane Society of Nacogdoches County. While there, they get to hang out with the "Pet of the Week", and they take pictures to put up on the department's Facebook page to try and help get the pets adopted.

This week's pet is a one-year-old Boxer named Casicus Clay. This is the post from the Nacogdoches Police Department Facebook page:

If you think that this Boxer would be a good fit for you - and you don't have cats - then you may want to make your way out to the animal shelter to meet him. There's something else to keep in mind. The shelter has opened up their hours a bit since the last pet of the week post we made.

The adoption hours now are 12 PM - 6 PM.

Also, if you're approved to adopt a pet of the week, you'll get a voucher to local vet clinics that will cover all of the spay/neuter costs and rabies vaccinations.

Even if you discover that Casicus Clay isn't the right one for you, you may want to go check out the Humane Society of Nacgodoches County to see if they have another animal that's a better fit. Also, keep up with the Nacogdoches Police Department's Facebook page for more Pet of the Week posts!

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