Yes, there is now a website that has the ability to track social distancing. And, at a time when the whole country is supposed to be social distancing, our little corner of East Texas isn't doing very well. has created what they are calling a "Social Distancing Scoreboard". This scoreboard determines how well communities are doing based on distance traveled by the residents, and they even give the communities a grade on how they're doing.

The United States, as a whole, is doing pretty well, earning a grade (or score) of "A".

Once we narrow that down to the state level, we see that Texas isn't doing too bad. According to, the Lone Star State has earned a grade of "B".

However, once we start to narrow it down further, to the county-level...well, that's when we discover that Deep East Texas isn't doing very hot. Nacogdoches County has earned a grade of "F". That means that - based on the data - people in the county are showing less than a 10% decrease in average distance traveled. Basically, there really isn't any social distancing going on. Angelina County isn't doing too well either, earning a grade of "D". This means that the data is only showing a 10-20% decrease in average distance traveled. It also means that only a few people are social distancing. Not many, though.

The other counties around us aren't doing so hot, either. Polk County has a "D", San Augustine County has a "D", Shelby County has a "D", Jasper County has a "C", and the list goes on.

It looks like we need to get a bit better at social distancing...


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