I'm not in the best shape I've ever been in. There's no denying that. However, lots of people around me are. We have lots of gyms around us, I see people out running and walking all the time, and Crossfit seems to be - at least somewhat - popular in this area.

However, according to the 2020  American Fitness Index, we're not very fit here in East Texas. Actually, the state of Texas doesn't have a city that ranks in the top 30 fittest cities in America. Austin is the most fit city in Texas, according to this study, and it comes in at #31 out of 100, and that's actually moved up since 2019 (I'm not sure what exact rank it was that year, I just know that it has moved up).

The next closest city in Texas to be ranked was Plano at #48, and Lubbock at #49, followed by Dallas, which came in at #56. But, as you can see, there are NO East Texas towns near this...

Other Texas towns that made the top 100 list are below:

  • Garland - #66
  • Houston - #69
  • Irving - #73
  • El Paso - #77
  • Laredo - #83
  • San Antonio - #84
  • Corpus Christi - #85
  • Fort Worth - #90
  • Arlington - #93

But again, no East Texas towns. I suppose that's a pretty good list of Texas cities that made the top 100, but you still have to go a good way down the list before you get to the first one...

And, in case you're wondering what city in America was considered the "Fittest City" by the American Fitness Index, it was Arlington, Virginia - which was also #1 in 2019.

You can see all the results of the American Fitness Index here.

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