Wait, why couldn't they have rolled this one out 10-12 months ago? Even six months ago would have been more helpful thank right now. You know, back before mask mandates begun being lifted across the U.S.? But better late then never I suppose.

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This week iOS 14.5 is officially rolling out with an update for iPhone owners, and one of the features that people are most excited, and could've used months ago, is one for the pandemic. With the new update you will now have the ability to unlock your phone while still wearing a mask. And if you have an Apple Watch it can enable their paired and unlocked watch as a kind of key for unlocking their iPhones with Face ID. Click here for a helpful How-To.

While I try to figure out why this update didn't roll out months ago, as it seems easy enough to me someone who knows nothing about iPhone updating, it no doubt will be beneficial going forward.

A few more new features with this update include: a privacy tool that will actively prompt you to opt out of tracking across websites and apps. Also a Waze-like Maps feature that features crowdsourcing of incident, accident, hazard, and speed trap reporting.

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