Just witnessed an astonishing statistic that not only dates me as being a dinosaur, but also increases my anxiety threshold by a factor of 500.

Listening to the Q107 music library, you may remember companies like Tower Records and Licorice Pizza; teen hang-outs during your adolescent days of growth?  Heck, Fast Times at Ridgemont High was my life.

Some of the industry of yesterday is fading away into obscurity at an alarming rate.

Business Insider reveals:

The rise of cheap imports, technological advancements and the financial crisis have collectively delivered a harsh blow to some U.S. industries.

It's just that when your party animal days consisted of communicating on a "trimline", yearbook photos were shot with a "Yashica TLR", and cruisin' the boulevard on Friday night meant everyone gathered at the record store on Saturday.

That astonishing statistic that freaked me out at the beginning of this story, was that record store revenues declined over 75% between 2000 and 2010.

According to this study, newspapers have declined by 39.5% in the past decade, landline telephones have declined by over 54.9% and apparel manufacturing are quickly sinking with a 77.1% decline. Yikes!

The good thing? Radio isn't on the list. So you can still enjoy your favorite "platter" by simply listening to Q107.7!