Eddie Murphy is about to do to "Beverly Hills Cop", what "Flounder" did for "Animal House" 33 years ago.  "Delta House" wasn't pretty then, and reviving "Cop" for the small screen is simply unnecessary.

But, that's the report coming out of Tinseltown, where the television series is being pitched to network execs about Axel Foley's son.  Axel Foley is now the chief of police in Detroit.  This should not be confused with Sgt. Foley (see video below) from "An Officer and a Gentleman".

For me, not getting the same actors that starred in previous movies, dilutes the quality big time!  For example, when "Cindy" was replaced in that "Brady Bunch" movie in 1988 (so I liked the Brady Bunch, stop laughing now), I felt robbed of a decent show ( I said - stop laughing - please).

Eddie, listen to me, have you heard of a "Back to the Future", "Star Wars", or "Bourne" triology being discussed for prime time recently?  Why do you think that's the case?  Just make "Beverly Hills Cop XXXIVXXIV", and we'll all go to the theater.