Let's get this straight: old people are awesome. Especially old women.

Yes, Betty White is getting some company when it comes to the (broken) hip female senior citizen set.

First, there was the rapping great-grandmother and now there's this exhibitionist hockey fan from Philadelphia.

Yes, this old lady tosses a bra -- a leopard print bra, no less -- onto the ice when the Flyers' Brayden Schenn notched a hat trick during the team's game on Monday night.

If this woman was 60 years younger, she'd have gone viral already and inked a deal for her own reality show. But because she's at an age when getting up to go to the mall to even buy a bra is accomplishment enough, we'll have to settle for complimenting her spunk and admiring her gumption.

So, how can Betty White possibly top this?

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