"Re-spect! Walk!" Yes, Dallas, they're talking to you. If you're going to cover a Pantera classic, what better place to do it than in Dallas! And that's what Breaking Benjamin did, with the help of Disturbed's David Draiman, during their performance at the Gexa Pavilion this weekend.

Disturbed and Breaking Benjamin have been touring together for a good portion of the summer and Disturbed previously welcomed Breaking Benjamin's Ben Burnley to the stage at the Download Festival to perform during their rock covers medley. But in Dallas, Burnley returned the favor inviting Disturbed's David Draiman to the stage.

As Draiman arrived onstage, the familiar guitar licks of the Pantera favorite "Walk" clued the audience in on what was about to transpire. Draiman handled vocals for a majority of the song, with Burnley providing backing vocals while initially playing guitar and later adding some extra heavy beats by joining in on drums. Watch it play out in the video above.

Disturbed have a long road of touring ahead of them. You can see their full run of dates here. Breaking Benjamin's time with Disturbed is winding down, but look for them to continue this fall sharing stages with Korn. Dates can be found at this location.

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