The early portion of 2019 gave us Bring Me the Horizon's amo album, but the band is already anxious to work on new music and may have something "sooner rather than later," according to vocalist Oli Sykes.

The singer spoke with Kerrang! and said that he views the length of time that it took to do their amo album as somewhat of an anomaly, and the band isn't keen to repeat that experience. “I think we spent a long time on amo – like nearly over a year,” the vocalist stated. “The one vibe that is floating around is, ‘Let’s never do that again, it was too long,’ and we’ve kinda got a studio set up on tour now. We’ve started to think about writing and when we want to, and basically never having to get back to the studio and write for six months."

He added that while it took a while to complete, amo was a game changing album for them that opens up many things moving forward. “I think this last album is so different to anything we’ve done in the past, we do feel like we’re gaining a lot of fans as well as losing a lot of fans, and we want to give people more to get excited about and do stuff. I guess that last album made us feel like we could literally put anything out; we could go back and write something extremely heavy, or we could write the poppiest song in the world – or a mixture. [amo] solidified that we are not doing any one thing anymore – we just write the music that we feel. It would be nice to start writing again without the pressure of a date, but we are thinking about it, and quite possibly people could be hearing new music sooner rather than later."

Keeping things fresh, Bring Me the Horizon did tease a pair of new songs earlier this month. The tracks, titled "you're my only destiny" and "happy sad," were buried amongst a series of stylized video postings containing documentary styled footage. While the teases certainly caught the ears of Bring Me the Horizon fans, full versions of the tracks have yet to surface.

Bring Me the Horizon continue their touring support of amo in Europe. See all of their current dates here.

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