Dr Pepper

Recently Ranker posted "the best Dr Pepper flavors" and here are my thoughts on the results;

The new dark berry Dr Pepper wasn't even included in this list so it may need updating. It was similar to eating a blue raspberry Jolly Rancher while drinking and old fashioned Dr Pepper.

This made me curious of some of the best-limited flavors Dr.Pepper has released throughout the years. The most recognizable flavored edition is Dr Pepper Cherry, which is found in most general stores around Texas. Some other flavors include made with real sugar, or even "Cherry Vanilla.” Some flavors such as Berries and Cream or even vanilla float have been discontinued, but were tasty flavors while I was growing up.

My mind has been thinking about what other flavors could be due to come. Cheesecake Dr Pepper? Even strawberry cheesecake who knows?!

Not sure if combining my favorite soda with my favorite dessert would be the best decision, but I’m always willing to try new things. What flavors do you think would be good together?

Let us know in the comments below and lets get a discussion going. Maybe our conversation will update the Ranker results.

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Here is what Twitter is saying;

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