Here's one for the books that may need some gross analysis before rushing to judgement, so I'll fire off the story line and let you decide if the punishment fits the crime.

Fasten your seat belt, because we're going on high speed pursuit to disseminate a caper that took place in Hurst, Texas last November.

Our encounter begins off a Hurst roadway when a teenager is being taken into custody after arguing with a police officer while resisting arrest.  The video turns ugly when officer number two enters the scene, knees the teen in what appears to be the back of the head, then verbally threatens him.

In a twist of motherly love, the teen's Mom said her son's actions were wrong and arresting him was warranted, but she also goes on to say that the excess force was considered an abuse of power.

The police officer, Disraeli Arnold, a four year veteran on the force, was ultimately terminated.  Surprisingly, not for excessive force, but rather (don't laugh), "disrespecting a citizen while using profane language"; conduct causing embarrassment to the Hurst Police Department, no doubt.

Here's my take.  Once the cell phone video went viral, severe action against the cop had to be taken.  One can only wonder what the outcome for badge number 654 would have been, had the photo op not been available.

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