Are you into celebrity clothing lines at all?  It's not all about frilly things for girls.  Bono and Matthew McConaughey have their own clothing lines, and many guys say it's good stuff.

Matthew McConaghey spends a lot of time in Texas and went to school in Austin, and he's been known to get real laid back and play the bongos.  How can the clothing line not be cool.

I posted this on Facebook earlier today.  "Don't tell J-Lo, but I am making improper use of her pants! I found Jennifer Lopez petite jeans on the clearance rack and since I'm tall they would never work as instructed. So I'm rolling them up twice and making capris out of them. Add the J-Lo clothes to my Paris Hilton perfume and I'm feeling very connected to my inner kardashian today."

The goofy thing about celebrity clothing lines is, no one knows you're wearing the design of a particular star unless you blurt it out.  Otherwise, we probably look just like the next guy who's wearing the store brand t-shirt.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  That guy just got to look good spending less money.  Very smart.

The band, Train, has their own line of wines.  Brad Pitt and Dave Matthews own their own vineyards.  And of course Sammy Hagar has his own line of tequila.  The truth is, when celebrities attach their names to something, it sells.  And it gives them an investment to keep the money coming in long after the music career stalls out.

Do you care whose name is attached to the label?  We'd love to have your thoughts on Facebook.

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