This is one of those stories that just starts your day off on the right foot. Hopefully by the end of it, we share a good laugh.

Parents across the country are rising to the challenge (and struggling a bit, let's be honest) when it comes to virtual learning. Math seems to have gotten 10X more difficult than we can remember. But even still, we have those nights where we have to suck it up and help our children out.

In a video gone viral on TikTok (and now on Facebook), a little boy can be seen reading from his math book. But he quickly finds an answer to his problem:

"Jayden has one dollar bill, 1 quarter, and 2 pennies," he reads. "How much money does he have?"

His answer to the question...isn't wrong - but it is a funny, reality-check moment for the boy.

"Jayden's broke," he answers.

Now whether or not you laughed at the kid's answer or not, you probably can't help but laugh at his laugh. It was a genuine response to what he believed to be a hilarious answer.

With so much serious content going around on social media, along with the typical 2020 content like politics, protests, and COVID-19, this brought me a much needed 30-second break.

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A child's laughter is perfect.

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