If you were thinking about writing to "Dear Abby" this weekend because your fourth cousin's brother divorced from his third wife after only six months of matrimony, fa-get-about-it.

For more than six decades, Abigail Van Buren (her Pen name) responded to the lovelorn, the despondent, the happy campers, the lonely...yes, even yours truly here, wrote to "Dear Abby" back in the day of record players and 8 tracks.

An inspiration to many that couldn't afford a "psychic reading" on a 900 number, she came to the rescue of nine million people - daily!  At her pinnacle of writing accomplishments, "Abby" was published in over 1,200 newspapers.

She passed down her skills 11 years ago to her daughter Jeannie, but there can only be one original "Dear Abby", who now falls silent for all eternity.

Pauline Phillips (her Real name) was 94 years old.