How did your prom date ask you to the big dance? I remember my classmate Shane sort of nonchalantly turning around at the end of history class and saying, “So ya wanna go to the prom with me?” I said sure, he said “K,” and turned around again, picked up his books and left the room. We had a lovely time.

Some asks are more memorable than others.

How are most students asked to the prom now? You might guess technology plays a part.

A new Pew Research study says the preferred method is via text. In a survey of 1,243 teens between the ages of thirteen and seventeen, 58 percent said they would ask someone to the prom via text message. And 67 percent would accept that way.

Fifty percent of teens use group texting instead of talking to friends in person to make prom plans.

Guts no longer required! Just close your eyes, send a text, and ask. If you get nothing in replay and hear the dreaded crickets, well I guess you’ll just have to text your friends and complain. Face-to-face talk is over-rated apparently.

This doesn't stop with the prom of course. Dates to the movies and dinner are requested and accepted every day via text, and many prefer it that way. We don't decide if we like someone by talking to them on the phone anymore. We analyze the text speak, and we grant cool points based on that person's ability to use smiley faces and LOLs at the right time. And guys can send photos of roses as a sweet thought, without having to pay for the real bouquet. How sweet.

Gotta go, b good. TTYL.

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