If you head to Central Texas for Spring Break or Summer adventures, make a stop in Hutto, Texas, about 30 miles North of Austin. There you will find a combo of Texas establishments that many of us East Texans would love to see here - H.E.B. and Whataburger paired together according to chron.com.

Oh yes. Texas' favorite burger chain paired with Texas' favorite grocery chain.

So what will find when you stop at this dream combo in Hutto? All the Whataburger goodness we know and love. The H.E.B. features gas pumps and a car wash according to wideopeneats.com.

But that is just a taste of what the H.E.B. offers. When you head inside, you can pick up hand-rolled sushi, sandwiches, pizza, and a whole bunch more.

Many of you want an H.E.B. in East Texas. Maybe we can petition H.E.B. to bring something like this as a start to prove how much we want one here. Plus, having another Whataburger is never a bad thing.

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