Are you exchanging gifts with your co-workers this year? Many offices do have a gift exchange, and asked folks to recall the most memorable gifts. These are some doozies.

Among the worst:

--a zombie figurine
--a keychain that shouts expletives
--bacon of the month club
--a ceramic snake
--a clock that meows three times on the hour
--a hand-painted landscape on a toilet seat
--a glass high-heel shoe filled with dish soap
--mustache scissors
--a whip
--a 12-pack of cola

It appears that some of those may be hints that better hygiene is needed. Mustache scissors, really? Perhaps that 12-pack of soda was lifted from the office supply room. We wouldn't advise that.

Anyway, there's some inspiration for your gift-giving, particularly if you have someone at the office that you don't really care for. We wouldn't advise a whip either though. That could lead to a visit to HR.