No, we're not talking about the group of guys going down the road in their trucks...Get it? Pickup, like the truck! Oh, forget it...

We're a special breed here in East Texas, and if you can speak our language, you're on the right track. So, to help some of you that are trying to impress an East Texan, you might want to study up on some of these pickup lines.

"I dance - almost - as well as the SFA basketball team in March Madness."

"I want to spend more time with you than it takes to finish road work on Starr Avenue in Nacogdoches."

"I can make you laugh more than the 'Merrell In The Morning Show'." (Doubtful, but you can give it a try.)

"You make me happier than winning the Sealy Outdoors Big Bass Splash."

"You're prettier than the Gayla and Ruby Mize Azalea Gardens...COMBINED!"

"You're worth more to me than a tub of Blue Bell's newest flavor."

"If I could clone you, I'd make more clones than Nacogdoches has donut shops."

"You're hotter than a July day on Sam Rayburn."

"I'm more excited about spending time with you than going to Bull Bash."

These are just a few possibilities for successful East Texas pickup lines. Have any of these been used on you before? Or do you have some others that could possibly work even better? Let us know.

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