It's hard to believe, but we're right around the corner from summer vacation time. I mean, Spring Break was last week for most people, so now we're just a mere couple of months away from summertime.

With that in mind, that's where the last East Texas Poll question comes from. What kind of vacation do you prefer?

Some people prefer a traveling vacation. Whether it's to some tropical area with a beach like Jamaica, or maybe taking some time to go hiking somewhere like the Grand Canyon, they just want to spend their vacation away from their own house. Some even like to go places like Europe, perhaps to places like Venice or France. Some people even want to have the Crocodile Dundee experience in Australia.

Then there are the people that prefer staying closer to home for vacation. Their traveling might consist of a day trip to either Lake Sam Rayburn or Toledo Bend. They prefer just hanging with the family, possibly spending hours on end in a hammock with a good book. Or maybe, they like hosting, so their family chooses to travel TO them, instead of them going elsewhere.

As for me, I kind of fall in between these two categories. I do like to travel, but there's not a lot of feeling better than coming back home.

What kind of vacation fits your preferences better? Out and about? Or cozy at home? Let us know, and be looking for more East Texas Polls in the future.

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