If you are a Classic Rocker, then you may be a Classic television junkie as well.  Admit it, there's nothing like a 30 minute "Gilligan's Island" episode to relieve a stressful day.  Growing up guys, you were either a "Ginger" fan or "Mary-Ann" fan.  Let it be known, that yours truly, was a "Mary-Ann" fan!

You may first remember Englishman Richard Dawson as POW Cpl. Newkirk from the 1960's television series "Hogan's Heroes".  The program first credited to introducing him to American audiences.

From there he arrived on the set of "Match Game" around 1973:

His most popular stop, however, was that of the kissing host of Family Feud from 1976 to 1985:

In 1978, he won a daytime Emmy for "Best Game Show Host".  Richard Dawson was 79 years old when died on June 2nd.

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