Every Time I Die vocalist Keith Buckley said a fan is suing the band after having their toe amputated.

The lost appendage was apparently the result of the toe being broken during an Every Time I Die concert. However, the frontman refuted the metalcore act's responsibility for the incident, in a career-spanning conversation with Kerrang.

Following up on last year's story of how guitarist Jordan Buckley spit beer in the eye of a concertgoer and inadvertently saved their life, Every Time I Die's frontman was asked if he had any of his own wild stories.

"One of the craziest stories I know of right now is that there's a girl who says that we kicked a [stage] monitor over on her foot and that it broke her toe, and that she had to get her toe amputated," Buckley replied before indicating the band are fighting the lawsuit. "We're currently in court disputing this."

Adding more detail, the musician revealed his understanding of the situation. Buckley asserted the loudspeaker never fell on the fan under his watch, and that the person's toe was ultimately removed due to their own negligence.

"It never fucking happened," the singer explained. "How long are you responsible for a hurt toe? Like, even if the thing fell on her toe —which it absolutely didn't — and she hurt her toe, but she didn't clean it, she didn't take care of it, she didn't set it, and then it had to get amputated, like how long are we babysitting this fucking toe? I'm so pissed off when I think about that."

He continued, "It's not my responsibility. … It'd be like if I broke my arm when I was in fucking seventh grade playing baseball," Buckley added. "If my arm hurts, I'm not going to fucking call my coach and be like, 'Dude, come on, man. Help me out here.' He's not responsible for that anymore."

Every Time I Die are currently on the road with Coheed and Cambria and Mastodon. Keith Buckley also performs in rock supergroup The Damned Things with members of Anthrax, Alkaline Trio and Fall Out Boy.

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