Fargo Season 3 picked up the pace in recent weeks, though few would deny the early hours lacked the initial oomph of its first two seasons. FX even suggested Season 3 might be the last, and now creator Noah Hawley admits “I don’t have another [idea] yet.”

FX boss John Landgraf previously suggested “there may never be another Fargo” after a Season 3 finale that feels “thematically different,” and Hawley agreed in an ATX Television Festival panel (via Entertainment Weekly). As both Hawley and Landgraf admit, another idea could easily carry Fargo to a fourth season, though we shouldn’t get our hopes up:

I wasn’t sure if there would be a second season. I wasn’t sure if there would be a third season. At end of season 1, [FX] said, ‘If you want to leave it there [that would be fine],’ There’s only a certain amount of storytelling you can tell in that vein. And I love telling stories in this vein, but I don’t have another one yet. So watch the 10th hour [of season 3] because it might be the last.

Three seasons of Fargo have taken us from 2006 to 1979 to 2011 in different regions of Minnesota, while Hawley will soon busy himself with Legion Season 2. Landgraf has also suggested that Fargo is easily placed on ice alongside Louie; awaiting inspiration from its creator.

In the meantime, Fargo Season 3 has two more hours remaining, so soak up the latest trailer below, and stay tuned.

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