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This is not practicing social distancing!

While the majority of Texas cities and towns are under "Stay at Home" orders due to COVID-19 that did not stop a large group of people in Marshall to participate in violent fights.

From the Facebook page of the Marshall Police Department, two groups would meet in parking lots or other public places and engage in fights.  While police were dispatched to break up the fights they would just go to other areas and resume fighting.

KLTV, also reported that multiple drive by shootings have been linked to the groups while the investigation is still on going.

So far eight individuals have been arrested

  • Tyra Valentine, 20
  • Deshauna Watson, 27
  • Talensia Worth, 25
  • Tylik Taylor, 21
  • Ashlee Manning, 26
  • Jamecia Okra, 22
  • Jiveon Gray, 24
  • Iveon Gray, 24

Marshall Police have also mentioned there is an outstanding warrant for 28-year-old Geonna Gray.

Marshall Police Chief Cliff Carruth said in a statement on Facebook,

These events have been a threat to public safety and were escalating in their levels of violence. The individuals participating showed no regard for the safety of themselves or the general public and resulted in the Marshall Police Department taking decisive action to restore order to our community.

The Marshall Police Department is asking the community to continue doing their part in taking the necessary precautions while dealing with the coronavirus.

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