Everything looks a bit different this year. You aren't able to go watch athletic events in-person. If you go in a store or some other kind of establishment, you're supposed to wear a mask. Also - a rather big one - you're not supposed to be in groups larger than 10 people.

For Labor Day weekend, all of these are pretty big deals, especially considering that lots of people go all out for Labor Day, with large groups of people. That's why I started thinking about some of the things that are still possibilities for the holiday. No, they're not the same as a traditional Labor Day weekend, but at least they're ideas.

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  • RezArt

    Fire Up The Grill

    You might not be able to invite ALL the friends and family members over, but you can still have that Labor Day cookout.

  • Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth
    Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

    Head Out To The Park

    Here's one that is always a winner, and even more so now that you have to stay distant. Get outside, and spend some time at the park walking the trails.

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    Check Out The Lake

    Always a favorite of mine...Whether you actually get in the water, or just spend some time hanging out around the lake, it's always a good time. Plus, there's plenty of room for you to stay socially distant.

  • Arkadiusz Wargu?a
    Arkadiusz Wargu?a

    Movie Marathon

    This could be a fun one, too. Plus, if you aren't sold on watching movies indoors on Labor Day, maybe consider setting up your own OUTDOOR theater. It could work.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Catch A Game

    No, it's not the same as being at the stadium, but you can still watch your team play. The Rangers and Astros both have games on Monday...just sayin'...

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