Time flies when you're becoming the biggest rock band in the world! 2020 will be the 25 year mark for Foo Fighters, a band that initially started in 1995 as Dave Grohl was coming to terms with the death of his Nirvana bandmate Kurt Cobain the year prior. The quarter century mark is not lost on Grohl, who offered an official statement on the occasion while teasing what's to come during this silver anniversary year.

"Holy Shit!!! 25 years?!," remarked Grohl. "Thank You guys for being with us year after year ... for singing along and making every show the best night of our lives."

He continued, "We’re JUST getting started, so ... Buckle Up, 2020... it’s going to be an INSANE year full of some seriously crazy shit."

If you go by album releases, Foo Fighters will turn 25 on July 4, the 25 year anniversary of their self-titled debut set. But Grohl had obviously started working on music prior to that.

While initially trying to flee from music in the aftermath of Cobain's death, Grohl eventually decided to come back to it and booked some time at Seattle's Robert Lang Studios. He played drums, bass, guitar and sang, while his friend Barrett Jones oversaw the production. Afghan Whigs frontman Greg Dulli, who had been in the studio at the time, helped out with a guitar part on the song "X-Static." You can read more about that debut album here.

Initially making the music primarily for himself, he started to share a few cassette copies with friends and eventually some of those copies made their way to music label reps who began to show interest. Grohl's solo work eventually caught fire with listeners and he had to put together a band. Now, 25 years into it, Grohl is surrounded by his first recruit, bassist Nate Mendel, as well as longtime drummer Taylor Hawkins, his Nirvana holdover guitarist Pat Smear, guitarist Chris Shiflett and keyboardist Rami Jaffe.

The band entered the studio last fall to start work on what will be their 10th studio album over the 25 year period. Hawkins told us last fall of the disc, "It’s hard to say what the direction of that thing would be, but we’re definitely chugging along and Dave [Grohl]’s certainly got a lot of fucking ideas, that’s all I can say.” The drummer called his bandmate a "creative god," adding, "He really is. He never stops, and he’s just got such conviction and faith in whatever he is working on. There’s never any second guessing with Dave, and I really respect that about him. I’ve learned so much from that fucker, and I just continue to.”

Foo Fighters have just started laying out their 2020 tour plans, as you can see here. Stay tuned to see what else they have in store this year.

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