If you got the chance to go to the Food Truck Fest at Angelina College a few weeks ago,we have another event that you'll enjoy!

This Friday, March 10th, is "Food Truck Friday"!

Friday evening at 7:00, Old Souls Food Truck, The Red Tulip Rolling Bistro, Shorty's Smokehouse, and Area Lakes Catfish and Seafood will be set up at the Angelina County Farmers Market.

But this time, it's not just about the food. You get a taste of live music, as well! Zach Maberry will be performing, so you can get your dinner WITH a show!

For more information, you can search: "Food Truck Friday With Zach Maberry", on Facebook. It'll take you directly to the page with the info.

But definitely make plans to be at the Angelina County Farmers Market, this Friday at 7:00 PM. The food and music is going to be AWESOME!

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